We are a global leader in the bioprocessing and manufacture of high quality organoids at scale. Experience gained through multiple research projects has enabled Cellesce to develop its IP and introduce a range of organoid products and services which include:

PDO Scale-up and Manufacturing

Banked organoids

We offer contract services for the bioprocessing and manufacture of high quality organoids at scale.

Bespoke Development

Bespoke development

We source and onboard PDOs for bespoke customer specific establishment, development,  manufacturing and scale-up.


alliances and partnerships

We routinely establish alliances and partnerships with those who have access to patient samples and expertise in multiple application areas.

Biobanked PDOs

PDO biobank

We expand high quality patient-derived organoids that customers have accessed from the Hubrecht HUB biobank. We can also expand organoids from other biobanks. 

Cellesce has a range of assay ready, vialled and cryopreserved ‘off the shelf’ format PDOs.

Cellesce is not a biobank.

Organoid Applications

organ on chip and immune oncology applications

PDO end use applications include organ-on-a-chip, high throughput compound screening, 3D high content image analysis and applications in complex in-vitro assays for immuno-oncology.


Research and development and IP

We are global leaders in the scale-up and manufacturing of PDOs.  Our IP covers novel bioprocess and bioreactors and know-how for application to our customer projects and internal R&D.