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Colorectal cancer organoids

Cellesce has initially focused on providing expansion services for colorectal cancer and other organoids. These colorectal cancer organoids reflect the genetic diversity found in the major colorectal cancer sub-types. Full exome sequencing, mutational analysis and pharmacology data are provided for each organoid to demonstrate their relevance to tumour pathology. These can now be made available in commercial quantities required for compound screening in drug discovery or large-scale genetics research, as required. For example, we can provide expansion services for organoids derived from our biobank partners.

Colorectal organoids

Example images of five of our ten colorectal organoid lines. Confocal images using 20X objective of Cell Insight Cx7. Organoids stained for nuclear (blue) and cytoskeletal (red) markers for imaging. Scale 50μm

  • Organoids shipped in frozen cryovials, ready for seeding into assay format. Each vial contains enough organoids for c.500 data points*
  • Organoids derived from patient tissue from a range of colorectal sites and selected by the TNM classification of malignant tumours
  • Organoids analysed for key driver mutations, using the SureSeq™ Solid Tumour Panel from Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), including but not limited to: APC, BRAF, EGFR, HRAS, KRAS, PDGFR, PIK3CA, PTEN, TP53, VHL mutations, as well as whole exome sequencing
  • In-house characterisation against a number of known colorectal cancer targeting pharmacological agents to demonstrate their relevance to drug discovery
  • Varied morphologies and growth profiles

*Based on assays performed in 96 or 384 well format

Custom expansion services

  • Expansion of your own organoid lines or line derivation from PDX tissue
  • Using your current protocols, Cellesce will work to determine optimum condiditons for expansion in our systems, before expanding and supplying back to you in your desired quantities

Coming soon

  • Wild type ‘normal’ colorectal lines, prostate, breast and organoids of other tissue types from our biobank partners
  • We are also developing larger scale bioreactor systems to enable provision of significantly larger scale organoids with minimal batch-to-batch variation
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