Molecular Devices adds proprietary patient-derived organoid technology with acquisition of Cellesce

“Molecular Devices has the capability, reputation, reach, and resources to ensure that the Cellesce technology can be further developed, and used to its full potential. We’re excited to bring our domain expertise and intellectual property to Molecular Devices, together maximizing impact for customers in revolutionizing drug discovery and unlocking the full potential of human-relevant 3D biology research.”

– Victoria Marsh Durban, Ph.D.
Director, Custom Organoid Services

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Molecular Devices launches 3D Ready Organoid Expansion Services using unique bioprocess technology for high-throughput applications

“Our semi-automated patent-pending bioprocess uses controlled conditions to expand customers’ organoid lines to their desired specifications, making available enough reliable, high-quality organoids for large-scale screening of massive compound libraries.

This unique service will allow researchers to screen thousands to tens of thousands of drug candidates in parallel on organoids from the same batch, increasing statistical power and enabling the discovery of new therapeutics cost-eectively, faster, and with fewer failures.”

– Shantanu Dhamija,
Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

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