Cellesce, has moved to new state of the art lab space in the Cardiff Medicentre. This will be the base for continuing organoid research and scale-up operations. The Medicentre is ideally located in Central Cardiff and in close proximity to Cardiff University, a Cellesce partner. The Medicentre also provides sufficient space to accommodate Cellesce’s planned expansion.

Cardiff Medicentre

The Cellesce lab at the Cardiff Medicentre

Organoids are derived from adult stem cells, for example those found in patients’ tumours, and then grown on in a research lab. The cells divide and cluster to grow into miniature assemblies of the original tumours, which display the same three-dimensional morphology and underlying pathology of the cancer. This offers transformational possibilities for medical research and drug discovery.

Cellesce is focused on the supply of standardised and well characterised cancer organoids for large-scale applications such as compound screening, especially for high throughput screening requirements, where significant quantities of reproducible batches are required. Organoids can then become an inexhaustible supply of miniature tumours for pre-clinical research purposes.